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One recent student who had taken a three year degree course in photography commented that she had learnt more about lighting in one seminar with us than the whole of her degree course. We were commissioned to write the first…

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Barrett & Coe and Confetti.co.uk

As the leading Wedding and Portrait photography brand in the UK, Barrett & Coe are delighted to announce their new relationship with the leading wedding website, Confetti.co.uk. We have signed a contract for £100,000 worth of advertising with presence on…

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Learning Photography

I am often asked how much homework time is needed to complete a Barrett and Coe Course. Not much and all of it is fun! i.e. taking photographs. Our method, which has proven itself many times over in the last…

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Confetti is easily the biggest wedding website dwarfing any of the others. We believe that any bride spending £1000 or more on photography starts her search for suppliers on this site. Often during her lunch break while at work! Barrett…

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