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Student success

Of the eighteen new studios opened by immediate passed students this year eight are part-time. Most start off working from home and this is OK if they just do weddings but when the volume of portraits reaches a reasonable level…

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I am often asked the difference between the Wedding photography course and the Portrait photography course. There is a great deal, with 80% of students eventually doing both courses. No one has ever commented that there is any overlap. One…

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New Course Location

In order to make accessibility more convenient for most of our students we shall be changing the venue for training days from Norwich to Ware in Hertfordshire as from October for all but the Finals Day. This will have the…

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Final Course Day

Today is the final day of our Course 2. Both the wedding and the portrait group were pretty full so it took Brian and I quite a while to mark all the prints which each student had taken on the…

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