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Welcome to Barrett & Coe Photography

The UK's leading brand in Wedding and Portrait Photography. We are specialists in finding, training and creating new and talented photographers. If you want to book a brilliant photographer for your wedding; need a fabulous baby or family portrait; Barrett & Coe is the answer. If you believe you have a gift for taking photographs, want the best and most intensive training to enable you to fulfil your dreams; Barrett & Coe will exceed your expectations.

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Student startup

rebecca-barclayEx physiotherapist Rebecca Barclay, who was one of our successful students in 2013, has started her own photography business. Rebecca, a mum of two, achieved a Barrett & Coe Photographic Diploma Grade

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Award winning portrait photography


Barrett & Coe portrait courses show you the secrets of how to take award-winning and professional images. Featured above are a selection of images based on the theme ‘Group of Children (2 or more children up to 16yrs)’, taken

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New course launch


For 2016 the Barrett & Coe wedding and portrait courses will take on a completely new format. Each course will take place on one Sunday a month for three months January to March, May to July, September to

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Sunday Times

If you haven't already seen yesterdays make sure you beg, borrow or steal a copy.
One of the supplements this week is 'The Start Up List' which is the best brief guide to starting a business that I have ever seen. Packed with information and tips.
It tells you how to start, where to go for advice, and perhaps most usefully, distils the wisdom of those who have undertaken the journey.
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The essential mind set for anyone starting a business is illustrated below with "The Success Indicator"
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When you start up your own business you are taking a very courageous decision and that can lead you to realise many of your ambitions.
Annabel Karmel, the creator a global baby food and publishing brand, spoke recently at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Giving advice about how to build a successful business, Karmel who has written Mumpreneur, about combining motherhood and running her own business, said it was essential to have courage, be passionate about a subject, and believe in ones own abilities.

She also made the point that failure is a big part of becoming successful. She classified 'not trying' as the opposite of success. Failing is an essential part of the learning process.

Almost if you are not failing, you are playing it too safe and you will never really succeed.
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Barrett & Coe have completely revamped their wedding and portrait photography courses and are launching a new format for 2016. There are two seminars, one for wedding photography and one for portrait photography with individual business planning and startup seminars in Stansted, Leeds and London.
These take place on:
Stansted 13 March (10am-4pm)
Leeds 17 July (10am-4pm)
Central London 6 November (10am-4pm)
Weddings Seminar:
Portraits Seminar
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