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Welcome to Barrett & Coe Photography

The UK's leading brand in Wedding and Portrait Photography. We are specialists in finding, training and creating new and talented photographers. If you want to book a brilliant photographer for your wedding; need a fabulous baby or family portrait; Barrett & Coe is the answer. If you believe you have a gift for taking photographs, want the best and most intensive training to enable you to fulfil your dreams; Barrett & Coe will exceed your expectations.

New course launch


For 2016 the Barrett & Coe wedding and portrait courses will take on a completely new format. Each course will take place on one Sunday a month for three months January to March, May to July, September to

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Trinidad comes to the UK


Vishal Maharaj, Trissy Maharaj and Kerry Kelly from Trinidad are moving to the UK and making a very substantional investment in setting up a wedding/portrait studio near Oxford.Having little or no experience of photography, they researched very carefully for many months

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Portrait Seminar 6th September


We offer the opportunity for those interested in earning a living from portrait/wedding photography to attend one of our course days.We were delighted to welcome James Hunt, who is in the process of being invalided out of the

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Award winning family portraiture


Barrett & Coe portrait courses teach you how to take stunning images with high commercial value and appeal. Featured above are a selection of award-winning images based on the theme 'family with baby', taken by former students

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Barrett & Coe have completely revamped their wedding and portrait photography courses and are launching a new format for 2016. There are two seminars, one for wedding photography and one for portrait photography with individual business planning and startup seminars in Stansted, Leeds and London.
These take place on:
Stansted 13 March (10am-4pm)
Leeds 17 July (10am-4pm)
Central London 6 November (10am-4pm)
Weddings Seminar:
Portraits Seminar
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Think about what is required to start a business and make sure you the following in abundance:
Unless you have all of these success is unlikely.
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Beware of a very common mistake when planning your start up. Naturally, many are worried that they will have insufficient sales when they begin. This leads them to try and create too many income streams from various initiatives. All are probably viable, but not if your supporting effort is diluted. Much better to select one, or at the very most two, major areas and concentrate and focus on them alone. To get a business up and running requires energy, enthusiasm, commitment and above all a very clear focus on the core business.
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Whilst photography can't be learnt from a book there is one book which can underpin the tutoring and teaching you may receive. This book is very clear and concise and highlights all the major areas you need to know as a start-up photographer.
“Create The Image”, by Charles Green, is by far and away the best book in its field. Although retired now Charles remains one of the foremost portrait photographers in the world. He is a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a fellow of the Master Photographers Association, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a fellow of the American Society of Photographers and has a Masters and Craftsman degree in photography and digital imaging from the Professional Photographers of America.
The other book, which is totally different and is really about basic photography, that we recommend is “Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs” by Henry Carroll. The book is ideal for users of DSLR, Compact System and Bridge Cameras. The book is packed with practical techniques that will instantly transform your pictures.
No scary graphs. No techie diagrams. No camera-club jargon. It walks you through the fundamentals of composition, exposure, light, lenses and the all-important art of seeing without drowning you in techno babble.
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