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Welcome to Barrett & Coe Photography

The UK's leading brand in Wedding and Portrait Photography. We are specialists in finding, training and creating new and talented photographers. If you want to book a brilliant photographer for your wedding; need a fabulous baby or family portrait; Barrett & Coe is the answer. If you believe you have a gift for taking photographs, want the best and most intensive training to enable you to fulfil your dreams; Barrett & Coe will exceed your expectations.

Barrett & Coe Portrait Excellence Award results


Past students from Barrett & Coe portrait courses recently competed in Barrett & Coe Portrait Excellence Awards. The following images were winners in the “Couples” category. All had no experience of professional photography prior to their portrait course and now

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Learning Wedding Photography


You can't learn photography out of a book. Photography is a practical activity. Learning photography is a bit like learning a sport, music, or a language. If you want to learn to play tennis, golf etc. you go to a professional who

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Photography Business Planning


It's easy to fall into doing a bit of photography for friends and family. It makes you feel good when your images get lots of compliments, and you do it for little if any remuneration. That's OK if you are going

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Feedback from our latest course


Following the completion of our latest photography courses we were delighted with the feedback received. The next Barrett & Coe wedding and portrait courses begin on Sunday 5th July, with 1 places

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Portrait/Wedding Seminar Day

Amazing opportunity – limited availability
Normal price £250 – available at £25 if booked by 31st July 2015.
Sunday 6th September 2015
Sunday 4th October 2015
Venue: Holiday Inn Express, Stansted

Wedding course 24/01/16
Call 01603 629739 for latest availability!

Portrait course 24/01/16
Call 01603 629739 for latest availability!

Recently I had a question re borrowing money to start up a photography business.
Unless you are going to start in a fairly large way with a studio and you are going to aim for a £100,000 first year turnover, it is not a good idea to borrow money, and it is generally not necessary.
It is possible to set up with the equipment for portraits and weddings on a fairly small amount with renting or leasing options.
Portraits can provide an immediate income so that you can accumulate money for your business with no risk. At the same time you will be gaining knowledge and confidence to enable you to plan your future.
It maybe that you will find you find the marketing or selling really difficult in which case you will be able to scale back your plans without having lost anything.
The most common cause of failure is not charging an economic price for your work. As a general rule of thumb you should be multiplying the cost of product from your lab by a multiple of 5.
Before committing too
much you need to find out if you have the photography, marketing and selling skills to enable you to do this.
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Many years ago when learning to shoot a rifle I was taught to 'squeeze' the trigger rather than 'jerking ' it.
Just 'squeeeeeezzzzzing' it translates into having patience, maintaining focus, staying in the present and not trying too hard.
This mind set can be effectively deployed in many aspects of life, including business.
Your enthusiasm for starting your new business can be overwhelming, ending in corners being cut, and mistakes made, because you are in too much of a hurry.
Don't be impatient, don't get carried away, take your time and get it right. Too often we see a business start off like a rocket only to crash and burn.

One of our customers got carried away with Groupon offers a couple of years ago, built a studio with several staff, high volumes, and low profit margins. In the last few months the volumes and income have dropped, but the overheads have not. He is closing the studio this month.
The bottom line is that you have to build carefully, and gradually, to create a business that is sustainable and enjoyable.
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