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Improve your Photography Skills

Whether you want to go professional or simply want to take better shots, taking your photography to the next level will help to improve your skills as a photographer. If you’ve got the basics covered, it can be difficult to know how to improve your skills further, however these tips should help to enhance your photography skills.


Like with any skill, while some will be born with more natural talent than others, the best way of becoming better is through regular practice. So, the more photos you take the better you will be at taking quality shots. Regularly practicing your photography will help you to become more apt at identifying what makes a good shot, for example how to find the right angle to capture the perfect image. In addition to this, practicing frequently will help you to understand your camera better. Every camera is different and the way you use yours is personal to you, but you won’t discover the best setting and lenses for your personal style unless you use it often.


Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and experimenting with your photography is one of the key ways of increasing your creativity. You can experiment in many ways, for example trying out different shutter speeds and ISO settings. Alternatively, if you regularly take photos at a certain time of day you can try changing this to earlier or later to capture different lighting. Another good way to experiment is to take photos of the same subject but at different angles, this will help you to see how simple changes can have a huge impact on the outcome of a shot.

Break The Rules

You probably already have a good understanding of the basic rules of photography, especially composition and light; now that you have mastered these don’t be afraid of breaking the rules. Sometimes the best photos work because they don’t follow any of the pre-set rules, as they capture unique, interesting and startling shots that would otherwise have been boring and bland.

Set Goals

Setting out goals will help to push you to achieving new things with your photography. Your goals should be personal to you and can vary from aiming to achieve a certain turnover if you are a professional, to learning a new technique if you’re an amateur. Write down your goals and set out a clear and realistic timeframe in which to achieve them as this will help to keep you on track.

Take A Course

If there is a certain area of photography that you’re interested in developing, consider taking a course that focuses on this niche. There are many photography courses available, including portrait photography and wedding photography, which will help you to develop your skills further and allow you to become more confident when taking photos.


No matter how experienced a photographer you are, you should be constantly reading to increase your knowledge. Reading blogs, magazines and books dedicated to photography will help you to learn new techniques, as well as keep you updated with advances in the industry. Additionally, you should think about spending time looking at the work of other photographers, particularly the work of famous photographers, as you will be able to get new ideas about use of light, composition and technique.

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