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We offer the opportunity for those interested in earning a living from portrait/wedding photography to attend one of our course days.

We were delighted to welcome James Hunt, who is in the process of being invalided out of the Army following service in Afghanistan.

James, who is being assisted by Help for Heroes wrote: “Just would like to say I had a really good day and I believe this could be the thing for me. The day was very informative and I can see that there is massive potential for me to develop an busy and profitable business.”

James actively participated in the session we hold before lunch on the third day of the course. This session involves explaining ad clarifying the process by which organisations like the Master Photographers Association (MPA) give awards ad qualifications. Following the explanation a practical demonstration of judging images is given by tutors Grahame Jackson and Martin Wise

Course students are also asked to participate in the judging and those that scored nearest to our tutors received prizes at the end of the day. The prizes are 1st Jeff Cowan, who receives a £100 Loxley Colour Voucher, 2nd Stuart Charlesworth, who receives a £60 Loxley Colour Voucher and 3rd Hannah Richardson, who receives a £40 Loxley Colour Voucher.

Amazingly, James had the highest score but unfortunately for him because he was not one of the particpiating course students he did not qualify to win the first prize! However James left after the day very pleased with his achievement.

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