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Our photographers come from all walks of life including retail, publishing, marketing, education and finance. With our dedicated head office support team, we can help you achieve this within months of starting a Barrett & Coe wedding photography course or portrait photography course.

We can offer advice with your search for a premises, provide marketing and branding support, appointment bookings and assist with other aspects of running a Barrett & Coe studio.

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Click on an image below to read more about ex students who have opened their own Barrett & Coe studio.


Mark Adams
Barrett & Coe Norwich


Peter Evans
Barrett & Coe Essex


Stuart Gennery
Barrett & Coe Sidcup


Andrew Ginger
Barrett & Coe Leighton Buzzard


Stephen Hands
Barrett & Coe Romford

Ziv Keidar
Barrett & Coe Islington

Matthew Preston
Barrett & Coe Lichfield

Gregg Smith
Barrett & Coe Welwyn


Martin Wise
Barrett & Coe Bristol


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