Debbie Townsend of Barrett & Coe Bungay is one of our newest franchisees. In her previous career, Debbie worked as both a Police Constable and a Paramedic, and with no previous experience she opened her photography studio in May 2016. She explains how running her own business is completely new to her.

Running my own business and slowly building it up from nothing is something I’ve really enjoyed learning about”, says Debbie.

In my previous career, I didn’t need to know about running a business, I just collected my payslip at the end of the month and whinged about how much I had been taxed!

Debbie completed his Fast-Track franchise training, which gave him the required skills and techniques required to become a professional photographer within three months.

I chose a Franchise with Barrett & Coe because I wanted to be a part of their great success. The support and training, which of course is still on-going, is superb. It is very reassuring to know there is always someone to phone with a question or query, as before Barrett & Coe, I had no idea about running my own business and didn’t know how to go about setting up a studio.

All new Franchisees are paired with an existing Barrett & Coe studio owner, known as a ‘mentor’ – who has previously tackled all the challenges a new franchisee faces. Debbie’s mentor is Peter Evans, who has been running Barrett & Coe Essex for over 10 years. Debbie says: “I love having a mentor. Peter is keeping a close eye on me, which in these early days is great. He keeps me on the right path and always has great advice and tips.”

Debbie’s advice to those taking on a franchise is simple; be sure to work hard. She says: “Understand what it is that you want, and what is involved in regards to commitment and finance. Once you understand these, it is all so very rewarding!

To see more of what Debbie is up to at Barrett & Coe Bungay, click here to visit her studio Facebook page.

If you are inspired by Debbie’s path to becoming a Franchisee and would like more information on how you could run your own photography business please call 01603 629739 or contact us